• Ivorra Castillo Carlos - Topologia Algebraica

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    Henle Michael - A Combinatorial Introduction To Topology

    Michael Henle – A combinatorial introducyion to topilogy
    (Publicada en 1979)

    Topology is remarkable for its contributions to the popular culture ofmathematics. Euler`s formula for polyhedra, the four color theorem, theMobius strip, the Klein bottle, and the general notion of a rubber sheetgeometry are all part of the folklore of current mathematics. The studentin a first course in topology, however, must often wonder where all theKlein bottles went, for such courses are most often devoted to point settopology,the branch of topology that lies at the foundation of modernanalysis but whose intersection with the popular notions of topology isalmost empty. In contrast, the present work offers an introduction to combinatorial or algebraic topology,the other great branch of the subjectand the source of most of its popular aspects.

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